Legal and Security Coordination Division

Main task of the Legal and Security Coordination Division (hereunder: the division) is to promote the international appearances of the National Security Authority and to assure its active representation in the national legislation. The division offers legal support to other divisions of the NSA HUN as well.

International co-operation

The NSA HUN promotes the national interests by an active participation at various NATO and EU committees and working groups. The division is also responsible for the coordination of the above-mentioned international appearances.

The division has a responsibility and outstanding role in preparing and coordinating negotiations of bi- and multilateral agreements on the exchange and mutual protection of classified information, as well as in organising international events. The division initiates the national security vetting procedure of persons residing in Hungary on the request of foreign security authorities.

Active representation in the legislation

The division actively participates in the national and also in the international legislation, among others in reviewing governmental proposals and draft legislative provisions, in preparing international agreements and in organising the promulgation and ratification of the bilateral agreements.