TEMPEST Division

The Division accomplishes official measurement compromising electromagnetic emanation of electronic systems handling classified information.

TEMPEST measurement

About Tempest and the protection devices used against compromising electromagnetic emanation.

The Division is responsible for ensuring protection against compromising electromagnetic emanation caused by electronic devices. All electronic devices emit electromagnetic signals. The technological progress had made it possible to filter classified information from electromagnetic signals emitted by electronic devices. One essential way of protection is to minimalize these compromising emanations in order to prevent that unauthorized persons get access to the classified information. The rules of this method, so–called Tempest, have been established by the NATO and the EU.

Devices useable against compromising electromagnetic emanation:

1. Faraday-cage

The safest solution is to form a Faraday-cage. This means that the computers which handle classified information have to be accommodated in premises framed by an electrically conductive surface to eliminate electromagnetic interference, this way the electromagnetic signals of electronic devices cannot effuse.

2. TEMPEST rated equipment

„Tempest rated equipment” is designed, manufactured and measured according to the special requirements of shading, with the certificate of conformity and reduced radiation.

3. TEMPEST measurement and zoning

The most cost-efficient solution is to create security distances in favour of ensuring electromagnetic attenuation. The attenuation should be measured between the emitting equipment and the line of the controlled zone. The results of this measurement determine the zoning.

Distances of the zones